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There is not a reason in the world you cannot achieve and hold all of the successes available to you. We will work together to turn on your brain’s higher thinking functions, make you more aware of your limiting beliefs and patterns, and free you to achieve the changes you desire!

To begin our work together, please schedule an appointment here: susanaplinpogue@gmail.com 


Still considering if you need a mindfulness coach? Check through some frequently asked questions and feel free to send me a message.

My office is at The Neurosculpting® Institute near downtown Denver.

1245 E. Colfax Ave., Suite 207, Denver, CO 80218

Not all of my clients live in Denver. We can discuss working remotely, even if you do live in Denver, with telephone calls or video conferencing calls.

Each client is different in what type of support they want and the goal timelines they have in place. I have clients that I meet with twice a week and clients I meet with every other month. We can discuss what works best for you during our initial meeting.

I have several businesses that use me for their employees.  In some businesses I come and give educational talks at team meetings and they support them with in-office coaching times; other businesses have me as an employee benefit where employees come to my office as they book appointments.

Businesses bring me in to offer employee support, often to relieve job related stress and trauma.  Both stress and trauma can create employee disengagement, impact morale, and ultimately impact efficiency and client services.  So many businesses work to teach their employees and teams how to manage stress, fatigue, and reduce burn-out.

I also work with businesses looking to improve their employee’s perfoamcne.  Mindfulness tools can help employees remove performance obstacles and create stories of success in the workplace.

I have clients from ages 6 and up.  I enjoy working with all ages and tailor my approach and style to suit the individual client’s age, needs, and learning style.

The first session is always 90-minutes.  This allows us time to review your goals, discuss how the brain functions and the role of mindfulness tools in your brain, and to practice the mindfulness tool that suits you best.

After the first session times vary with the most popular time being one hour, but I do have clients who do 90- and 120-minute sessions.

My hourly rate is $50/hour.  We do offer a discount for purchases of packages – a 4 hour pack is $190 and a 10 hour pack is $400.

I do not accept insurance at this time.

Yes – and attending a class can be an affordable way to learn about me and the tools I offer.  I regularly teach seminars in the Denver and South Park areas; my calendar can be found on my website events tab. Let’s work together to design a seminar session tailored to meet your needs.