• READING MEDITATION MOMENT – Everyday Meditation Moments Series PART 1 OF 5

    One of the reasons I want to write a series of blogs that focus on how you can find “meditation moments” in your every day is because I think so many of us miss out on the benefits of meditation because we think it has [...]

  • Overcoming the Whirlpool of Placeness by: Travis Rumsey

    You know how when you go back to the hometown you grew up in, how you almost feel like a child again? Sometimes you can feel it in your whole body, like you’re being transported back in time. For some, this can be a good [...]

  • The Neurobiology of Motivation

    Did you know that motivation is neurobiologically driven?  Yep - it’s true.  We have a perfect system built into our own brain that helps us achieve any goal that we have in mind.  The challenge with accessing this perfected system is that we need to [...]

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