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My name is Susan, and I am a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator and the Director of Corporate Programs for the Neurosculpting® Institute. I am also a wife, mom, friend to many, a skier, a boxer and according to my dog – a pretty good dog mom!

I believe it is important for potential clients to understand how I came to Neurosculpting®, as it often connects me to you.

In 2015, I came to Neurosculpting® after I faced a personal crisis point in my own life. I found life to be unmanageable. This was largely because of a professional trauma I had experienced. This trauma triggered a host of emotions, stories and negative coping skills.

My emotions and daily actions were self-deprecating and self-destructive. I was continually thinking thoughts such as, “I am not enough,” “The world is dangerous,” and “I am a victim.” I developed coping skills to keep me from facing the reality of my life and to numb my emotional pain. My days were filled with a dull throb of sadness, a lack of hope and overwhelming anxiety. I came to Neurosculpting® in a broken and scared state.

My journey began by attending classes and listening to audio of Neurosculpting® programs. In the beginning, I committed to three, ten-minute meditation sessions per week. This was a good goal, and I could navigate it successfully. Through a 30-minute weekly commitment, I began to feel and see changes. Most notably, my life was less reactive, I felt less anxious and I truly began to feel hopeful.

As I grew in my practice, I continued to recommit to classes. Eventually, I became certified and started working at the Institute – my professional background is in corporate training and teaching “is my thing!”

I completed my certification in December 2016. Since this time, I have worked with private clients, led Neurosculpting® focused workshops and supported other Neurosculpting® trainers.

I look forward to connecting and beginning our journey together.

Susan A. Pogue