Starting with a title like that “Best Thing I Ever Learned” does rule out some great and essential things I have learned in my life.  For example, motor skills, speech, and math have been excellent daily tools to have learned. Or knowing not to mix beer and wine, how to avoid lighting your hair on fire when wearing AquaNet®, and how to play Tetrus® were crucial to college success.  However, this is a blog not a novel, so I am going to tell you the best thing I have ever learned…lately.


The best thing I have learned lately is about my own brain.  Specifically, 4 things about my brain…

  1. What my limbic brain is and what its purpose is (survival), why it “turns on” (because it can and does all day), how I feel and act when it is in charge of my behavior, decisions, and attitudes (like a crazy, emotional, often irrational woman).
  2. What my pre-frontal cortex is what it does for me (gives me higher thinking skills like logic, acts like my pause button, allows me to be empathetic – basically makes me a badass woman who walks like she is wearing a cape), how it “turns on” (only if circumstances are ideal and the limbic brain is quiet), and what it requires to activate it in my every day (practice using Neurosculpting®, rest, food, love – I made love up but you know it is a bit of a Diva).
  3. The relationship between the limbic brain and the pre-frontal cortex (they work on a seesaw effect – if one is up the other one is down).
  4. I can exercise my brain to calm the limbic brain fast and bring up the pre-frontal cortex (see #2’s mention of Neurosculpting®).

Before I knew these four things I felt like I was broken.  I had no idea what was going on – was it hormones, was it a lack of sleep, did I have PTSD from my last job (I did BTW). I was always wondering which “me” was going to show up in an interaction.  Was it going to be the woman who wore the cape, made friends with her listening skills, influenced others with her insights, and whose family thought she was pretty awesome. Or was it going to be the woman whose hair was figuratively on fire (why else would a human scream at the top of her lungs at seemingly nothing), who would soon as cut you down with a hurtful remark than hug you, or who would never see more than the physical or social danger in a room.

I didn’t like myself much before I knew these facts about my brain.  I thought I was broke. And I worried if I wasn’t broken I was going to break someone else.  I was a tornado. I was a hot mess. I was depressed. I was a victim.

After learning about my brain, I learned that I wasn’t broken, I was just tired, depleted, and unaware of how I could be the owner of my own brain.  I never heard more freeing words than when Lisa Wimberger, Founder of The Neurosculpting® Institute, said, “You aren’t broken. Everything you are doing is your brain doing its job, but maybe it is time that you took charge of your own brain and took charge of your own life.”

I dove deep into Neurosculpting® and learning about my brain and how to train it.  I learned how to love my brain by learning to understand my brain.

Now when I have the hair on fire moments start to happen, because I still have those moments from time to time.  I can quickly pause and say to myself or the person who is looking at me like a cornered animal full of fear, “Wait!  Sorry, I am being way reactive. Let me take a minute to pause and stop being so limbic.” Yes, I actually say, “being limbic.”  It cues me to change and it works for me every time. Neurosculpting® and knowing how my brain works are my two Superpowers – remember because of them I get to be the woman who wears a cape most of the time.

So…what are you waiting for…tap into your inner Superhero and check out Neurosculpting®.

My name is Susan, and I am a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator and the Director of Corporate Programs for the Neurosculpting® Institute. I am also a wife, mom, friend to many, a skier, a boxer and according to my dog – a pretty good dog mom!

I believe it is important for potential clients to understand how I came to Neurosculpting®, as it often connects me to you.