This week I found myself back in several old story loops and I thought, “What the heck is going on?  I’ve worked on these stories before and thought I had them shut down!  Why are they back?”

Well, I have to be upfront with you, I am not 100% sure that why I think they are back would be the same reason that other folks in my line of work would say they are back.  This is what I think has happened…I have been in pain still, I have come down with a head cold, I have another ear infection, and I am on the road traveling…hmmmm…I’m thinking that all of these depleted and difficult situations might have something to do with it all.

When I started meditation and Neurosculpting® I learned that I lacked a sense of safety and trust in the world.  I had a very ungrounded way of living and way being in my own body and mind; I sort of floated or ran through my days ignoring any need to really touch base with how I was feeling or what I was thinking about my day.  I had this sense that I needed to keep moving, keep busy, and stay in control in order to be safe.  My meter for knowing if I was doing OK, for judging my own worth, for defining how I should look, or for deciding how to live my life came from external things such as my career, people’s compliments or complaints, or the cover of a magazine.

This lack of safety created some coping stories that were very fear based and also very much about creating control in areas that could give me external validation.  So, I have stories about career, about being a mom, about working out, and about my diet.  

I am happy to say that I have had really good success letting go of these stories to date, but when I got depleted and off of my normal routine for a longer period of time the stories naturally came to my mind.  I think how tired I have been and how depleted my body truly is has created a scenario I haven’t managed before, so my reaction to the change has been to bring up fear of safety again.

This time around I knew them for what they were – fear based stories and limiting beliefs that I no longer needed to follow. However, I did use the fact that they tried to turn back on as an internal meter for myself to say, “Hey girl, slow down and take care of yourself.  Be kind.  Support yourself however you need to at this time.”

So, if you find some old stories coming up for you here is my advice:

  3. Remind yourself these are stories that no longer serve you as they were written.
  4. Sit quietly and ask yourself what the resurrection of the stories might mean about your present life situation.  
  5. Follow the information you receive or do a release of the story again filling in with what serves you better today.
  6. Take a nap, eat chocolate, shake your ass to a great song…do something you love that makes you smile.

My name is Susan, and I am a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator and the Director of Corporate Programs for the Neurosculpting® Institute. I am also a wife, mom, friend to many, a skier, a boxer and according to my dog – a pretty good dog mom!

I believe it is important for potential clients to understand how I came to Neurosculpting®, as it often connects me to you.