One of the reasons I want to write a series of blogs that focus on how you can find “meditation moments” in your every day is because I think so many of us miss out on the benefits of meditation because we think it has to be a formal, lengthy, or a complicated practice.  While there is of course huge benefit from creating a ritualized and consistent meditation practice, we can’t all accomplish that due to life circumstances or where we are at emotionally with ourselves.  So, if we can find some small ways in our daily lives to be meditative why not do that and call it our practice?  I’m not judging if you not!  

My hope is that this way of thinking has you considering the power of taking even 1-minute of your day to be more present, more in the moment, more about something joyful or energizing, or tap into anything that lights a smile inside of your heart, mind, and body.  Come on – feel the love!

Everyday Meditation Moments Series – LINE ENLIGHTENMENT & WAITING WELLNESS

Much of my week is spent waiting.  I wait on hold on calls, I wait in doctors’ offices, I wait in store lines, etc.  Now these waits could be a source of frustration for me or they could be found moments of mindfulness.

If you find yourself waiting try slipping in a moment of meditation.  Once you are in a ‘wait’ try the following:

  1. Determine the amount of time you think you have for the wait and then subtract half (e.g. you have a 5 minute wait you have 2.5 minutes for meditation or you have a 30 minute wait you have 15 minutes for meditation).
  2. Set the timer on your phone if you’d like or simply wing it (you won’t be held accountable to the second, so you can guess it out).
  3. Now with your eyes open or closed get comfortable – roll your neck, flex your fingers, do whatever feels comfortable to you in the moment.
  4. Next begin to focus in on your breath – notice it coming in and out of your body – what does it do to your body, how are you breathing is it fast or slow, etc.
  5. After you focus on your breath for a moment or two shift your awareness to your body – notice any areas that are tense, tight, stiff, contracted and then use your breath to loosen, melt, or soften these areas as much as is comfortable for you in the moment.
  6. Next imagine you are in a room where all noises and distractions are actually outside of the walls and in this space you can feel calm, centered, and in control of your focus.
  7. Look around and notice what the room looks like to you. Do you have a view of the ocean, are the walls hung with beautiful tapestries, what do you see?
  8. Next think of one word that describes how you feel when you are in this room and imagine it being whispered in your ear in a soothing voice.
  9. Now bring your focus back to your breath, noticing if it is any different than when you began.
  10. Smile.

Now, anytime you are in a line during the day think of the word that you selected to describe how you felt when you were in the room you imagined.

Play with this…believe it or not you can do all 10 steps in under 1-minute when you play with this waiting meditation practice.  And I’ve found that even these unexpected moments of found time can add up to create the sensations of calm, capability, and peace. that follows you though out your day.

My name is Susan, and I am a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator and the Director of Corporate Programs for the Neurosculpting® Institute. I am also a wife, mom, friend to many, a skier, a boxer and according to my dog – a pretty good dog mom!

I believe it is important for potential clients to understand how I came to Neurosculpting®, as it often connects me to you.