One of the reasons I want to write a series of blogs that focus on how you can find “meditation moments” in your every day is because I think so many of us miss out on the benefits of meditation because we think it has to be a formal, lengthy, or a complicated practice.  While there is of course huge benefit from creating a ritualized and consistent meditation practice, we can’t all accomplish that due to life circumstances or where we are at emotionally with ourselves.  So, if we can find some small ways in our daily lives to be meditative why not do that and call it our practice?  I’m not judging if you not!  

My hope is that this way of thinking has you considering the power of taking even 1-minute of your day to be more present, more in the moment, more about something joyful or energizing, or tap into anything that lights a smile inside of your heart, mind, and body.  Come on – feel the love!


Over 15 years ago I came across the idea of “being present in the moment” or “be in the NOW.”  There were books on it, Oprah picked it up and ran with it, and my magazine articles told me to work to be more present.

The problem was I just couldn’t do it…I tried to do it, but every time I tried to connect with the present moment I would find my mind was elsewhere.  I would notice that I was worried about what people were thinking of me, I was wondering what moments were coming in the next moments of my day, and I was worried that I was missing out on being present and that would impact me in the future.  In other words – I was a present moment hot mess.

Meditation has changed all of that for me.  I can recall what it was like to not be able to be present, I can even recall over indulging in escapist habits to avoid being present, but I can’t actually recall the inability to be present.  Meditation has created the stillness in my mind to be present – and it has done this through exercising my brain with the Neurosculpting® Induction Meditation (recording attached below).  Through this everyday meditation practice I started a few years ago my present moment mindset was born.

This month find one moment each day where you intensely, and solely, focus on the task you are doing…I don’t care what that task is and I don’t care how long it is; you get to choose, but select one moment each day and work your ass of (actually work your brain off) to be only in that moment.

Here is what I want you to focus on to be in that moment:

  1. What do you see around you?
  2. What do you smell?
  3. What do you taste?
  4. What does your body feel like in the moment?
  5. What thoughts keep trying to take you from just staying focused on what you are doing?
  6. What is curious in this moment?  (e.g. You find it curious that you never noticed your left pinkie toe was smaller than your right one as you paint your toenails).
  7. Say out loud or in your head “thank you” for the moment and “thank you” for the time to experience the moment.

And I am serious that it can be any moment, here are some examples of ones I like:

  • Drinking my first cup of coffee in the morning
  • Cooking a meal
  • Folding laundry
  • Putting on makeup
  • Sitting in a chair and shutting my eyes for 2 minutes
  • Waiting in my parked car during school pick-up

My sense of not having enough time each day to do what I needed to do, my “fire drill” response to daily work items, and my need for external input all went down drastically over time.  I attribute this to the ability to be in the task I am working on and not worrying about what is next…  This also increased my JOY.  I am in moments for moments now.  Which has had three impacts:

  1. I get to enjoy what is happening every day of my life.
  2. I don’t lose energy to worrying that a moment isn’t as it should be or is going to lead to difficult moment.  I just have the moment, I deal with it, and I move on.  This makes less fear and leaves room for learning and joy.
  3. I’m damn impressed when I stay present and don’t dive into a million multitasking thoughts and actions, which makes me proud of my work I have accomplished and that in turn makes me joyful.

I found that over time this simple everyday focus on one moment, plus the brain exercise using the Induction Mediation, shifted my brain from scattered chatter to present peace.  Give it a try and see if you can tap into your power to be present more often and enjoy more moments of your day.  Use your everyday chores…or coffee…to improve your life and increase your JOY.


My name is Susan, and I am a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator and the Director of Corporate Programs for the Neurosculpting® Institute. I am also a wife, mom, friend to many, a skier, a boxer and according to my dog – a pretty good dog mom!

I believe it is important for potential clients to understand how I came to Neurosculpting®, as it often connects me to you.