A mindfulness coach is like a personal trainer for your brain. They work with you and your strengths to help you achieve your personal and professional goals with the incorporation of mindfulness-based tools.

Your brain is a prediction machine. It can only work with the information you have given it – with the experiences you have had, the filters through which you view the world, and the stories you have adopted as guides for your life. 

Sometimes we find a need to change or let go of our stories and filters to embrace new habits and new paths in our lives.  When you and I work together I bring my own experience with mindfulness to my work with you.  I spend time finding out what it is that you want to achieve and why you think meditation and mindfulness tools might help you.  Then we talk about your personality, your lifestyle, your schedule, and the things you have achieved so that I can build an understanding of what tools will work for you best.  With tools such as Neurosculpting®, affirmations, language patterning, meditations, and more we will work together to change the areas of your life you want to change.

We also will show you about this amazing thing you are walking around with all day – your brain.  You are going to love what you learn about it!  It contains your superpowers…it is dead sexy, and I can’t wait for you to learn all about it!


Hi!  My name is Susan and I work with everyday people who are trying to see if meditation and mindfulness practices are tools that may help them to meet their personal and professional goals.

I tried for years to meditate and work with mindfulness tools to help me become less stressed, to be calmer, to be less reactive,  but most of my attempts were total failures.  And while all of the failures looked different – laughing in yoga when I fell over or totally losing track of a meditation as I wondered if I unplugged my iron that morning – they all came down to one issue for me.  They told me where I was going, but not what I was doing.  And I learned in my time in adult education that as adults we need to know not only what we are doing and when and how we are doing it, but the WHY behind what we are asked to do.  I didn’t have my why and that meant I was always left at these retreats and in these classes a bit on edge and worried I was doing it wrong.

Then I found Neurosculpting.  Neurosculpting gave me the WHY when it opened up the world of the brain to me…yep, this little thing inside all of our heads that most of us don’t know much about was actually my key to being able to access mindfulness and meditation.  Now, I can access many different styles of tools and understand what they are doing and then discern when they will work or if another tool might work better.

Now I take time to work with others, helping them to be spared from falling over in yoga or wasting years and money (if I can) on trying out different tools, by being a resource to connect them to tools that work for them.  I’m a connector.



If you are looking to create long-lasting change, my one-on-one coaching sessions may be perfect for you!

One-on-one sessions ideally run weekly or biweekly. Every part of the process is tailored to meet your needs and shape your story in a way that creates lasting change in your life.

Whether you are a business owner trying to reach new goals or implement new business strategies, an artist with creative blocks, a teacher wishing to connect more with students, or in need of making lasting changes in your personal life, my one-on-one sessions meet you where you are in your process.

Sessions are $25/45-minutes and can be done via phone call or video call, or at my office.  All meditations are recorded so you can have them for your use whenever.


If you have been a private client and are looking for a new meditation recording or want a quick 20-minute call, we can have a quick session or I can record a meditation for you.

$12/recording or quick call


In seminars we dive into the biology of the brain and the Neurosculpting® 5-step process to create change. Popular topics focus on stress management, performance improvement in sports and business, pain management, better parenting, and change adaptation.

Seminars may be for businesses, professional groups, or groups of friends. Seminars can be done at The Neurosculpting Institute, your office, or your home. Let’s work together to design a seminar session tailored to meet your needs.

Seminars are $25/person/hour and run 45 mins – 3 hours, based on your learning goals


There is no reason in the world you cannot achieve and hold all of the successes available to you. We will work together to turn on your brain’s higher thinking functions, make you more aware of your limiting beliefs and patterns, and free you to achieve the changes you desire!

To begin our work together, please schedule an appointment here: susanaplinpogue@gmail.com